Wirecard and Steinhoff are both companies of German origin which had accounting scandals. In this post I want to describe why these two accounting scandals are completely different and why I choose to take a long position in Steinhoff after the scandal, although I did make a profit with a short position in Wirecard.

I am writing this article because I want to describe that shorting a stock with an accounting scandal / fraud isn’t always the best option. Sometimes this can be a chance for a long position.

The Wirecard Scandal

Wirecard is a German payment processor and financial services provider. It…

I stake a Cryptocurrency based of Peercoin on a Server since years. Multiple months ago this stopped because of the following error:

Coind: kernel.cpp:372: unsigned int GetStakeModifierChecksum(const CBlockIndex*): Assertion `pindex->pprev…

The history with Odoo started with TinyERP / OpenERP which was a free ERP System. This was a great idea and pioneered the open source ERP environment.

But in the last years the name and the vision changed. Now Odoo provides besides the ERP part also a CRM, CMS, Blogs, Forums, E-commerce (Online-Shops), Timesheet, Project Management, Inventory Management, Recruitment, Spreadsheet, Documents, Email Marketing…

So in short: Odoo changed from a focus on ERP to an all-in-one solution which seems to cover nearly every application a business needs. …

I am a very big DNS nerd and have always registered new domains for my projects before I even made the concept of my new ideas. We had tests about the Domain Name System at my professional school and I can’t remember I ever not scored the highest…

So as someone who currently pays for 33 domains a year of which all are for private projects and none generates money I had an idea for a new gTLD which I wanted to operate.

New generic top-level domains have a high entry barrier. It’s expensive (plan about 200k USD alone for…

The Workhorse Group Incorporated is a EV company which primarily produces delivery vans and got lately popular with a rising share price because it was viewed as one of the possible winners of an 8 billion USPS contract to replace old delivery vans.

This contract busted, however I started writing this article before the deal busted — so don’t be surprised by the high numbers.

I owned this stock for several years and wanna display my view of the company in this blog post.

The USPS Deal

WKHS has a bad history with the USPS. E.g. a USPS driver was hurt during a…

Yesterday Bumble had it’s initial public offering (IPO). The starting price was 43 USD, a valuation of more than 8 billion and it shot up to 76 USD, a valuation of over 13 billion.

Despite this high valuation, the company lastly made a net loss and only a few hundred million ($376.6 million) in revenue.

The Risk

The current market for Tech, EV and Cannabis stocks is in a hype bubble. I made profit with some overvalued stocks and currently sell these and rebalance my portfolio with more value stocks.

But this is not the only risk. I’ve used Dating Apps since…

On the 4th February 2021 23andMe and VG Acquisition Corp announced that they will merge, bringing 23andMe into the public.

As VGAC is already tradable in the public market, the shares have skyrocketed to 19 USD. But this is crazy…

Why this is crazy?

First you should know that the initiators of a SPAC commonly have additional rights to e.g. buy additional shares. They also mostly pay 10 USD per share. I don’t go more into detail here, but I want to talk about the shareholders which buy VGAC at the current 19 USD price WITHOUT additional rights like the initiators.

If you look…

Why Apple Products aren’t as environmentally problematic as many believe.

Apple bashing is popular these days. Louis Rossmann, Hugh Jeffreys and others are talking about repair issues on YouTube, Mark Zuckerberg sees Apple as an unfair competitor and Xiaomi mocks Apple for Not Including Charger and then does the same.

So in this world where Apple bashing is popular I wanna tell you my opinion.

I bought my first new Apple Products this year (primarily caused by the impressive performance of the M1), but I already have used used Apple Devices for a longer period.

I am by no means an Apple Fanboy. My main daily drivers where Android, Linux…

I’ve hosted my own Mailserver in various configurations since more than 6 years now. Since then, I’ve taken multiple breaks from hosting it myself and explored other solutions for hosting emails with your own domain names.

Because my own Mailserver has lately problems (downtimes) I wanna explore other possibilities of hosting my email addresses.

So let’s take a look…

Self-hosting (VPS, Tools like Mailcow, Mailu, etc)

You simply setup a Mailserver with software like Mailcow, Mailu or Mail-in-a-Box on a virtual Server and manage it yourself.


  • You have the control
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Cheaper than most alternatives if you don’t look at the time you…

People who search for love are more vulnerable than happy couples. Especially people who lost their Tinder Account because Tinder has banned them.

There is a malware out there which targets exactly this kind of people. If you search for “unban tinder” on Google and or YouTube you find many videos and sites which recommend the “Tinder++” App.

Tinder++ aims to bring you free Tinder Gold and unban your Account. People on sites and videos which recommend the App talk that the Tinder ban is only per Device and they found a way to get around this ban.

But Tinder++…

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