Recently this talk was given on the rC3 2021 Chaos Communication Congress:

In summary, Florian Gallwitz explained that there are no “Social Bots” which are often covered in newspapers and magazines.

Newspapers and Journalists create stories about AIs which post about political discussions but in reality these “Social Bots”…

Static site generators like Hugo, Jekyll or Nuxt are awesome. They provide way faster delivery of your contents to your customers than any PHP solution like WordPress.

Unfortunately you have to create the Markdown files for your content yourself, but because every single post has a filename, title, date and often tags as well as a status for draft, I created a simple tool which takes care of doing exactly that.

Just enter np The Title of your blog post and np will create a file inside the content/post directory with your Title, date, draft status (default: true) and tags which are simply the words in your title.

You can find the project on GitLab:

Since 2014 I invest and trade with stocks. Since then, I always wanted to create programs which make my life as an Investor easier and since then my journey with always reliving finance API problems started.

Unfortunately I didn’t find my first PHP scripts which tried to get stock data…

Over the last days Evergrande China, the 2nd largest property developer in China after revenue, was in all financial news. More than 1.5 million homes are planned by Evergrande and it has $300 billion in liabilities.

There are fears that Evergrande China will cause another financial crisis like in 2008…

Recently I came across a blog post which described some Tips how to write a Journal on Hacker News.

This interested me because I also write a Journal since multiple years (since the 20th March of 2018 to be precise and if we don’t count my Journals I had as…

The history with Odoo started with TinyERP / OpenERP which was a free ERP System. This was a great idea and pioneered the open source ERP environment.

But in the last years the name and the vision changed. Now Odoo provides besides the ERP part also a CRM, CMS, Blogs…

The Workhorse Group Incorporated is a EV company which primarily produces delivery vans and got lately popular with a rising share price because it was viewed as one of the possible winners of an 8 billion USPS contract to replace old delivery vans.

This contract busted, however I started writing…

Christoph Miksche

Software Developer and Investor from Germany. Writing about Software, Tech and Investments.

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