Analyzing the profitability of gTLD registry operators

Registry operators


Donuts Inc is a private domain name registry with 242 new gTLDs. It is the biggest of the new operators by number of TLD endings. The German Wikipedia page about them was initially written by me on the 15 July of 2017.

Minds + Machines

They are great for a valuation because Minds + Machines Group Limited is a public traded gTLD operator. They weren’t profitable for many years, but they were in 2019.

  • 2013: Loss of 222,029 GBP
  • 2014: Loss of 3,832,128 GBP
  • 2015: Loss of 677,936 GBP
  • 2016: Loss of 2,782,107 GBP
  • 2017: Loss of 84,584 GBP
  • 2018: Loss of 8,836,970 GBP
  • 2019: Income of 932,983 GBP


dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG is the German private operator of “.berlin”. The fine thing about German companies is that they have to report the balance sheets and you can get old balance sheets from the “Bundesanzeiger”.


Is investing in gTLD a good thing for the world? Not really. New gTLD require new servers which need electricity which could be produced environmentally harmful whereas you could invest your money in e.g. new electricity sources like solar or wind parks.


This is not investment advice or a buy/sell recommendation. This is my personal opinion and is for information and entertainment purposes only.



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Christoph Miksche


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