Comparison of Email Hosting Possibilities

I’ve hosted my own Mailserver in various configurations since more than 6 years now. Since then, I’ve taken multiple breaks from hosting it myself and explored other solutions for hosting emails with your own domain names.

Because my own Mailserver has lately problems (downtimes) I wanna explore other possibilities of hosting my email addresses.

So let’s take a look…

Self-hosting (VPS, Tools like Mailcow, Mailu, etc)


  • You have the control
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Cheaper than most alternatives if you don’t look at the time you need for setup and maintenance


  • Most cheap VPS don’t offer a lot of space and if you subtract the OS and installed software, then your space for mail is very limited
  • You need to invest a lot of time
  • You need a good spec VPS because Mailserver software and SPAM protection are performance intensive
  • Small VPS are often targeted by criminals and protection isn’t very easy

This is what I’ve done the most of the time.

In the past this was very straightforward if you know how to setup and secure a mailserver but I’ve lately problems with things like DDoS and Brute Force Attacks.

A question from me on Hacker News was even so heavily voted that it was for a short time on the front page of HN — so this seems to be a problem for other people too.


AFAIK that service doesn’t exist anymore because it was targeted by spammers and had problems with attacks.

Zoho Mail

Unusable for me because IMAP/ POP/ Active Sync are not included in the free plan.

Indian company, the CEO seems to support Hindu nationalism.

Yandex Mail

It seems like the only problem is that you have to trust a Russian company.


Especially the Black Friday deals seem to be pretty good every year.

US company, interestingly the Founder has worked for Christian Institutions — so both — the CEOs of Zoho and MXroute seem to be religious persons.


Migadu is the only provider on this comparison from Switzerland and the pricing is more expensive compared to the US providers…

So you pay more but your data is probably also more secure.


Hosting your own server isn’t the cheapest option but you are more in control.

I know there are privacy focused providers like ProtonMail or Fastmail out there but the cost of those services are way higher than the providers I mentioned at the time of this writing. (Especially if you want more than one mailbox. Most popular services are on a pay per-user basis, but MXroute, Mailcheap, Yandex and your own VPS are more on a pay per-storage / resources plan)

So I think I will split my domains to various services — in that way no government has all of my information and I am more immune to downtimes.

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