Comparison of Email Hosting Possibilities

Self-hosting (VPS, Tools like Mailcow, Mailu, etc)

You simply setup a Mailserver with software like Mailcow, Mailu or Mail-in-a-Box on a virtual Server and manage it yourself.

  • You have the control
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Cheaper than most alternatives if you don’t look at the time you need for setup and maintenance
  • Most cheap VPS don’t offer a lot of space and if you subtract the OS and installed software, then your space for mail is very limited
  • You need to invest a lot of time
  • You need a good spec VPS because Mailserver software and SPAM protection are performance intensive
  • Small VPS are often targeted by criminals and protection isn’t very easy


This service doesn’t exist anymore but I wanna mention it because it was one of the few free providers where you can get mailboxes for your own domains.

Zoho Mail

The free plan supports one domain with up to five users and has a 5GB/User and 25MB attachment limit.

Yandex Mail

The biggest player in my comparison. Offers 10 GB of storage, up to 1000 users and support for custom domains for free.


Has various plans for custom Domain Email Hosting. All plans include support for unlimited Domains and unlimited Email Accounts.

Cheap Hosting Provider for custom Domain Email, comparable to MXroute but it has more bad reviews than MXroute.


On the HN Post to this Article someone mentioned Migadu.

French provider, offers a free plan which includes one domain, 2 mailboxes, 3 aliases and 1 GB per mailbox.


Unfortunately it seems like the cheapest hosting possibilities are either trusting a Russian company which government maybe spies on you, trusting a US company which is also obliged to let the government spy on you or to go to an Indian company which is run by a Hindu nationalism supporter…



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