Fighting the Tinder++ Malware

People who search for love are more vulnerable than happy couples. Especially people who lost their Tinder Account because Tinder has banned them.

There is a malware out there which targets exactly this kind of people. If you search for “unban tinder” on Google and or YouTube you find many videos and sites which recommend the “Tinder++” App.

Tinder++ aims to bring you free Tinder Gold and unban your Account. People on sites and videos which recommend the App talk that the Tinder ban is only per Device and they found a way to get around this ban.

But Tinder++ is no App you can get from the Google Play Store or even F-Droid. No! You have to download the App from suspicious sites …

So I found this Scheme and I wanted to Stop it.

I am the kind of people which look at the Header of Spam-Mails and report the sender or linked URLs to the Domain registrar, Hoster, DNS-Provider and Blocklists. Because we live in a civilized world and well known Provider don’t wanna host Spammers or other Assholes.

But how did I fight them?


Current status

At the time of this writing the site which distributes the malware is still out there. I haven’t received any notification about the current status from either YouTube or Cloudflare. (And I honestly don’t think I get a reply from YouTube — I mean even Woz needed to sue YouTube because they didn’t reply to him …)

But please don’t get this wrong! Many provider do something if they can prove that there is something illegal going on.


The Head of Trust & Safety at Cloudflare (Justin) reacted to my Tweet but hasn’t found “definitive proof it’s malicious”. I hope he looks a little bit closer because I see a site full of scam.

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