Influence of Sanctions on Economies

Sanctions against Japan

In the second world war was the ABCD line in which America, Britain, China, and the Dutch stopped selling iron ore, steel and oil to Japan.

Sanctions against Iran

Iran is the only country which I know of that has faced similar sanctions like Russia currently. A SWIFT-Ban is nothing new to them.


There is a good article out there from which I quoted:


Statistically and by looking at previous examples we can find out that Capitalism and Economy is stronger than political Sanctions. Most countries can grow economically even when the biggest powers in this world don’t like it.


This is not investment advice or a buy/sell recommendation. This is my personal opinion and is for information and entertainment purposes only.



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Christoph Miksche

Christoph Miksche


Software Developer and Investor from Germany. Writing about Software, Tech and Investments.