Open Source Social Media Management Tools


Socioboard is your full-blown social media management tool. It is open source and offers all the features you know from paid tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and others.


feed2tweet is a small open source python package which allows you to post content from your RSS feed automatically to Twitter.


feed2toot is from the same author like feed2tweet. It offers posting RSS feed content to Mastodon instead of Twitter.


pod-feeder is also an open source tool which makes automatically posting RSS feed content to Diaspora easy.

Zapier, IFTTT,

Not open source, but I use the free plan from Zapier for automatically publishing the blog posts from this blog to Medium.


There are some open source tools out there. In combination with free plans from different social media automation companies, you can basically build your social media marketing tool stack for free.



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Christoph Miksche

Christoph Miksche


Software Developer and Investor from Germany. Writing about Software, Tech and Investments.