VR and digital Assistants are the Future

Practical Use-Cases

I write this text on a workstation with 4 displays. This amount of displays is useful for my kind of software development at Chapati Systems GmbH. One monitor is used for my IDE, another for rendering the preview of my software, the third one for emails / chats and the last one for a Terminal interface and e.g. checking out Logfiles.

Current Issues

While current Generation Headsets have a quite good resolution on paper, the reality is that it is still not sharp enough.


SimulaVR offers a Headset which has way more computing power than e.g. a Meta Quest 2 and therefore is the first headset I know of where you don’t need an external device for playing compute-intensive Games.

The Role of virtual Assistants

When you are in a 360 degree virtual World, controlling things becomes very important. You don’t want to use your Quest controllers for writing text, so some Software allows you to map your physical keyboard and use it while you are e.g. writing code.


VR has currently many Issues but offers many benefits and has likely a bright future in a few years when most Issues are solved. It currently sounds utopian and strange to people not familiar to the matter, but I think that VR together with voice will provide a more natural way of controlling your PC compared to keyboard, mice and touch.



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Christoph Miksche

Christoph Miksche


Software Developer and Investor from Germany. Writing about Software, Tech and Investments.