Why Communism doesn’t work

Modern Communists are hard to argue with. Mostly because they say things like “There never was a real communist country”. So it’s hard to take real world examples, because they say countries like the Soviet Union, German Democratic Republic, Cuba or China “never were truly communist”.

But I argue there can never be a “truly communist” country. Why? Because it is impossible to create that after my opinion. So if you are open for different opinions, then continue reading. I will explain why.

Desires of Humans

A normal human being has desires like traveling the world, owning a house and, more importantly, be healthy, be able to eat and drink every day, have a family. All these things need Resources and other people have to work for you (e.g. creating bricks for your house, building the house, planting grains) for fulfilling these dreams.

Most people also don’t want to work hard until they die.

Dream World

So for fulfilling these dreams, the world actually would need to be more productive, which in turn would mean working harder and longer for everybody. But then, in turn, we wouldn’t have the time to actually enjoy these things.

The Catch

These people who find ways to have a better life than other people are not wanted in a Communist world. So there is a need for a ruling party which enforces the rules and prevents people to gain more than others.

So a Communist world can never be a free world for everyone because the people who want to have more are not allowed to do so. That’s why all ruling parties in Communist countries are so strong.

These ruling parties, however, have more power than the rest of the Society. So that’s basically the paradox of Communism. Communism doesn’t want to be a two class system, but it has to be because otherwise the basic Idea of Communism can’t be enforced.

Human Nature

In a communist World, these successful Capitalist people would do everything for learning how the systems works and how they can get into the ruling party.

So after my opinion, most people who believe in Communism today would be victims of the system in a communist World and some people who are successful in Capitalism today would be the Rulers of the Communist System.

Because, after all, this world is neither about Communist nor Capitalist Ideologies. This World is about people who have desires. Some people are ready to do everything for fulfilling these and others just dream.




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Christoph Miksche

Software Developer and Investor from Germany. Writing about Software, Tech and Investments.