Why everyone should know KPIs

Deciding between Job Offers — an Example

Recently, I decided to start freelancing besides working on my own projects. I contacted some possible customers and some companies contacted me.

Why bad KPIs are bad for you

If I had taken the job, it could be that the company would lay me off in a few months or years because they don’t have the money to pay me.

Bull-markets make us blind

In the last years, tech companies could make losses every year and still find investors, who gave them more money to burn.

Times have changed

Currently, interest rates are rising, and debt repayments are getting more and more expensive. Companies have higher costs to refinance themselves.

What you can do

In some parts of the world, like Germany or the UK, you can look up the financials of incorporated companies. (See Bundesanzeiger in Germany and the Companies House in the UK)



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Christoph Miksche

Christoph Miksche


Software Developer and Investor from Germany. Writing about Software, Tech and Investments.